The following VOMI Virtual Organization Academy Standards apply to each and every single engagement:

  • Our Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification program is strictly restricted to Existing Staff Members as well as New Hires who have already officially started work with their new employer.

Hence, the official starting date of employment for a New Hire  must not be contingent on their successful completion of any training or other services offered by VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.

  • Each introduction to VOMI Virtual Organization Academy (“VOA”) begins with a preliminary introduction to virtual organizations by Virtual Organization Advisors.
  • Each Enrollment Application is 100% Confidential.   VOA will never privately or publicly disclose, confirm or deny the name of any client organization or government which has engaged VOA for its services;  nor will VOA do so with respect to the name of any Enrolled Candidate.
  • Each engagement is conducted in accordance with the following:  1) the tenets of the virtual organization management discipline pioneered by the founder of VOA since 1997;  and  2) best practices, policies and procedures for building  highly sophisticated Virtual Organizations  staffed by a world-class Virtual Organization Leadership Force that is able to operate anywhere across the globe in a 100% Virtual or Virtual Organization environment.

That means VOA is NOT  your  typical remote worker, virtual team, or flexible workforce consulting firm  that you encounter by the millions on the Internet whose knowledge and services have absolutely nothing to do with virtual organization management, virtual organizations, and virtual organization leadership.

  • All Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification activities are conducted via videoconference in a 100% virtual organization environment.   We Practice What We Preach!

That means no phone calls of any kind either to or from faceless individuals;  no travel of any sort  across the globe in order to meet with and schmooze potential clients, members of the Executive Leadership Team and other Corporate Officers,  and Government Officials.

  • Each Client Enrollment must adhere to VOA‘s terms of engagement as outlined throughout this website.   That means, regardless of the size of any organization or institution or government – and regardless of the size of the potential financial oportunity –  VOA will never submit any private, personal, confidential or proprietary information of any kind in order to be listed on any Authorized Corporate Trainer Vendor List or to become an Approved Business or Official Government Contractor.     

Likewise, VOA will never request such information from any potential or current clients.

  • VOA requires Advance payment in full for all services to be rendered

In order to proceed, please click here to submit a request to Virtual Organization Advisors for a deep insight into virtual organizations and virtual organization leadership.