Remote Workers: Response of Virtually-Disoriented Brick and Mortar Executives

Originally published on May 7, 2020 at Virtual Organization Management Institute Repository

Overnight, the global population became exposed to the hashtags #remotework#remoteworker and #remoteemployee.     “Remote Work” became the new buzzword and flavor of the day for not only corporate executives but also politicians, religious leaders and academics worldwide.

As well, every single huckster, crackpot, charlatan, snake oil salesman, and con artist that you can think of is all of a sudden claiming to be a Remote Workforce Consultant and busy producing virtual webinars and conferences designed to offer advice on best practices for Managing a Remote Workforce.

In fact, hundreds of them have even contacted ME in order to offer ME  help on how to manage a remote workforce.   I believe that says it all about these new experts.

But here is the real question:   Is having your employees “working remotely” the solution to the current global pandemic?    Click here to continue

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