Your Choice: A Better World Or a Brand New World?

Originally published on June 4, 2020 at Virtual Organization Management Institute Repository

For millions of years, mankind has been engaged in a futile struggle for A Better World – an eternal struggle to make the world a better place.

The dustbin of history is replete with congeries of local and global initiatives, epochal and global movements, epic struggles, fratricidal events, insurrections and revolutions,  regional and world wars (human massacres), the rise and fall of dynasties and global civilizations, and an untold number of cataclysmic events  which have all failed to make a dent toward the accomplishment of such goal.
Although there are millions to billions of reasons for such dismal failure,  the primary reason is this: The pursuit of  A Better World  (i.e., trying to make the world a better place)  is the equivalent of a dog chasing his tail.    Click here to continue

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